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Welcome to CruiseChartsSM

Our main line of business and our specialty is the production and maintenance of cruise content for online travel agencies and online reservation systems.

Our cruise content consists of itinerary data, itinerary maps, and deck plans, and is used by some of the largest organizations in the travel industry.

  • You may select any combination of cruise lines, for which you will receive maps, itineraries, and deck plans.

  • Our map collection is continuously expanded with new itineraries as they are introduced by cruise lines. We have a map for every cruise itinerary.

  • Our deck plans are continuously updated as cruise lines introduce new ships, update existing ships, or recategorize cabins.

  • All content is licensed on a month-to-month basis for a fixed monthly licensing fee.

  • Our maps are optimized for use on web pages, taking into account the small image sizes required for web pages.

  • Each map is available in a number of styles, and we can produce new custom styles that match your web site.

  • Our deck plans are ideal for innovative reservation systems, with interactive visualization of cabin availability.

  • We produce maps for all types of itineraries, including cruise-tours, expedition cruises, and river cruises.

  • All images are uploaded to a cloud hosting service, where they can be used directly, or you can download them to your servers.

  • All maps are supplied with HTML image maps that allow you to link to port information pages from all locations depicted on the maps.


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